[e-ISSN : 2277-2782]

Preparation and Characterization of Banana/Glass Ternary Short Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Nanochitosan Polymer Composities

International Journal of Novel Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences`,2018,8,2,51-58.
Published:April 2018
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Mubashirunnisa. A1, Saraswathy. G2, Sudha P.N3,*, Gomathi. T3

1Sri Krishna College of Engineering, Arakkonam, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India.

2Department of Chemistry, Government College of Engineering, Bargur, Tamil Nadu, India.

3PG and Research Department of Chemistry, DKM College for Women, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India.


Today in this new century, we are concentrating on alternate material sources that are environment agreeable and biodegradable in nature. Biocomposite from regular fiber and polymeric resin, is one of the most popular in the business and constitutes the present extent of experimental work. Cellulose fibers are used in various applications. Their volume and number of applications have grown steadily. Natural fibers offer both cost savings and reduction in density when compared to glass fibers. The mechanical properties can enhanced by the synthetic fibers to have higher stencil strength. This work describe the extension of glass/banana short fiber composites to the preparation and characterization of ternary composites of nanochitosan/glass fiber/banana fiber, reinforced polymer composite with the extraordinary references to the impact of fiber loading and length of fiber on the properties of composites.

TGA thermogram