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Development and Invitro Characteristics of Bupropion HCl Sustained Release Matrix Tablets One

International Journal of Novel Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences,2015,5,5,172-177.
Published:October 2015
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Aalla Venkata Krishna*, K. Senthil Kumaran, A. Meena

Department of Pharmaceutics, K.K College of Pharmacy, Chennai-6000122, Tamil Nadu, India.


An attempt was to develop the oral sustained release Bupropion hydrochloride matrix tablets by using HPMC K100, Carbopol, and Eudragit by direct compression method. The in-vitro characteristics the blends of different formulations were evaluated for pre-compression evaluations (angle of repose, bulk density, tapped density, Carr’s index, Hausner’s ratio).Its shows satisfactory results. The tablets were subjected to friability, weight variation, thickness, hardness drug content, and in -vitro release studies. The in- vitro dissolution study was carried out for 12 hrs using USP dissolution apparatus II(paddle) in 900ml 0.01 HCl solution as dissolution media. The amount of drug released was determined at 280 nm by UV-visible spectrophotometer. From the results F6 was found to be 99.21% release 12 hrs and finalized as optimized formula. The release mechanisms of F6 formulation were explored and it follows Zero order release and Korsmeyer’s peppas n value was found to be 0.148, it shows that combined mechanisms like diffusion through the matrix and partially through water-filled pores. It is cleared that the drug released from matrix tablets prepared by Eudragit provides a better release result in preparation of SR formulation of bupropion hydrochloride.

Compatibility study of Drug and Excipients