[e-ISSN : 2277-2782]

Terahertz Spectroscopy Instrumentation and Pharmaceutical Applications

International Journal of Novel Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences,2014,4,5,145-150.
Published:October 2014
Type:Review Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Sai Krishna Naik. Mude*, V. Murugesan, S. Vijayaraj, K. Padmini, CH. Naresh, D. Deepthi Roshan

Sree Vidyanikethan College of Pharmacy, Sree Sainath Nagar, Tirupati, A. Ranganpet, Andhra Pradesh-517102, INDIA.


The Terahertz region of the electromagnetic spectrum range between mid infrared and microwaves region. THz can be used in improving quality and uniformity of pharmaceutical products. These can helps to identify polymorphic forms, tablet coating thickness and 3D chemical structure. THz also provides characterization of a broad range of material, including semiconductor sand biomolecules. When THz radiation interacts with molecules it may stimulate many resonances such as molecular vibrations or other resonances in the system resulting in the THz photons being affected by a specific interaction. The goal of the "Terahertz" project is to develop new tools for imaging and analyzing biological systems with the help of Terahertz (1012Hz) radiation. The terahertz domain lies between the microwave and the far infrared domains.

Terahertz spectroscopy instrumentation